Arena Armeec Sofia

Arena Armeec | 1 Asen Jordanov Blvd, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria


Arena Armeec Sofia has 12 373 seats, 2256 of which are placed on the long telescopic stands, 1248 on the short telescopic stands and 206 VIP seats placed in a separate zone accessible from level 2. After accessing level 1 all the elevators can be used to reach level 3, where 60 seats for disabled persons are provided. There are also 12 WCs for disabled persons placed on all levels.
There are 96 seats specially equipped for journalists.
The Dimensions of the hall depend on whether the telescopic stands are folded or unfolded.
Folded telescopic stands: width - 53,20 m; length - 77,20 m
Unfolded telescopic stands: width - 32,80 m; length - 56,80 m

The media cube has 4 displays with dimensions 520/380 cm. The pixel step is 10 mm and the transmition signal is – MPEG 2 Standart 16/9.
There are also two identical digital scoreboards.
The hall is equipped with 11 elevators, 16 refreshment areas, 9 cloakrooms, 30 entrances and 202 toilets for spectators. There are 2 TIR gateways with maxim 4.5 meters clearance in sector D0. There are 2 electrical switchboards prepared for supporting concert or other events in sector D0. There are 4 TV decks prepared for supporting TV coverage of the events, placed in the four sectors of the hall.

The warm up hall is situated on Level -1 with dimensions:
Width - 22,10 m, Length - 30,00 m, Height - 3,20 m
The VIP boxes are situated on level 2 in sectors A2, B2 and C2 with total capacity of 206 seats. Some of the VIP boxes can be arranged as offices if needed. Most of them have their own sink and some are equipped with WC. The access to the VIP boxes is organized with separate elevators and staircases.

There are 16 refreshment areas, situated on Levels 0, 1, 3, offering snacks and refreshing drinks.

Doping control room
The doping control zone is situated on the level -1 and has 2 rooms for doping tests as well as waiting areas in front of them.

Offices designed for serving the different types of events are situated on levels:
Level -1 - 6rooms, one of which can be used as a meeting
Level 2 – 4 rooms for representative purposes with view to the hall, each of them with a possibility to be used as a VIP box.

The Training hall is designed to function as a supplementary sports facility while big sports events are taking place in the main hall. It can also function as a fully independent facility.
There are 2 dressing rooms in the Training hall, every one of them equipped with individual lockers, benches, 4 sinks, 2 WCs and 4 showers.

There are 887 parking lots, 614 of them placed in a central exterior parking, 231 placed in near streets and 42 dimensioned for disabled persons. There are also 8 bus lots and 8 parking lots for TIRs and other heavy machines. The inner transportation street reaches all the entrances of the hall and has a length of 923 m. Two ramps give the access to the level -1 of the hall, where a 97 car parking lots for VIPs and administration is placed.

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2017 KARATE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS - Sofia, Bulgaria | 17-19 February 2017
44th Cadets, Juniors, 9th U21